Frankenheimer's 'Seconds' (SPOILERS)

OK, so what exactly was going on in this movie? I don’t mean the “analysis” of “unhappy middle-aged man unable to reconcile the conflict with new strapping young body, etc.”

I mean just the plain ol’ story:

John Randolph seemed absolutely clueless about what was happening to him, or where he was. Did this “organization” just pick up random people to transplant into younger bodies?

At the end, when Rock Hudson’s body (currently occupied by John Randolph) is about to be recycled again, why? He was having trouble adjusting, but what was the point in killing him? Were they afraid he would rat them out? And just who were “they?”

I have a little better handle on the “moral” and “symbolism” than the story that is attempting to convey them–or at least I think.

(Trivia alert: This movie affords a rare glimpse of Richard Anderson–Bionic chief Oscar Goldman–sans hairpiece.)

This is one of the coolest movies in history, but the plot DOES have a shameful number of holes.

I think this is what’s supposed to be happening: word got around the White Heterosexual Male Ruling Elite that Arthur Hamilton, rich Harvard-educated New York banker, is unhappy with his lot in life.

The “organization” is run by the WHMRE to keep all its members happy.

And they know better than the individual what will make them happy…in Hamilton’s case, being given Rock Hudson’s face and body, and getting set up as an artist in Malibu. (Wouldn’t kill ME, either.)

Instead of groovin’ to his new PLAYBOYesque lifestyle, he shows signs of cracking, which would tip their hand to non-members of the WHMRE, and could blow the whole show.

So, yeah, they have to kill him.

Hm. Eighteen hours and no further comment.

Either only two of us have SEEN this thing, or everyone assumes I nailed it with yesterday’s post.

Oh, goodness, of COURSE I’ve seen it.

I just didn’t say anything because I don’t want to screw up my appointment next week to be transplanted into the body of Anna Kournikova.

Ooooops, you blew it. Here comes Will Geer to whomp you with the Bad Girl Stick.

Am I misremembering, or was this a boys-only deal? Was there any hint that they’d been doing this for women, too?

What do you think we TALK about when we go to the ladies room in covens . . . I mean, bunches?

“Here comes Will Geer to whomp you with the Bad Girl Stick.”

Hey! Have you been eavesdropping on my erotic fantasies again?