Frasier Spoilers Please!!

I missed it and i want to know what happened. I will also pay for a tape if someone can send it. I really wanted to see it.

Hey lee - I don’t usually watch it but I did tonight.

They are driving away and decide to go back to explain to Mel and Donnie. Screams ensue.

Back at home, they are all googly-eyed with each other, until Mel calls for Niles and Daphne gets served with papers - Donnie is suing her.

Mel decides that she wants to save face by pretending to be married for a few weeks, after which she will file for divorce. However, she wants Niles to go to various social functions with her (including their own wedding reception) and doesn’t want him to appear in public with Daphne until she divorces Niles. Naturally, Daphne is quite put off by this.

At the end, Frasier and Martin fix up a quiet little table on the roof of Frasier’s building so that Niles and Daphne can have their “date” that Niles had to cancel. Dancing, music, cue credits.
By the way, Daphne is so obviously pregnant! I wonder why they didn’t try to hide it as is normally done on shows when the character isn’t pregnant.

(I missed what happened in the scene where Donnie talks about getting jilted - had to let the pups out.)

In that scene, Frasier goes to Donny’s office, after Donny’s served Daphne with a lawsuit for the costs of the wedding, breach of contract, and $100,000 in punitives. Frasier tries to talk Donny out of it.

Donny’s real depressed - he’s got the plastic groom from the wedding cake in his hand, and introduces him to Frasier as “Mr. Chump.” However, he perks up when Frasier lets slip that he was the one who told Niles and Daphne, the night before Daphne’s wedding, that each one had feelings for the other.

Donny announces he’s going to add Frasier to the lawsuit, for tortious interference and intentional emotional stress, and walks out of the office with a spring in his step. He hands “Mr. Chump” to Frasier as he goes out.

Personally, I think Mel’s scheme is to get Niles back - she’s already got him publicly recognised as her husband, and she’s trying to keep him from going anywhere in public with Daphne, thereby putting stress on their relationship.

I thought Daphne is preggers - I’m assuming that’s IRL, not connected with the show?

Oh, and her loutish brother Simon looks like becoming a regular.

“It’s a dog-eat-dog world, Sammy, and I’m wearing Milk-Bone™ underwear.”

Yeah, I really got the impression that Daphne’s brother is going to be a regular character…or possibly featured in such a manner to test audience approval of the character before making him a permanent addition.

I actually thought he was quite hilarious, but I think it would grow old after a bit…maybe a temporary addition?

Daphnies preggers??? I didnt notice that.

Jane Leeves is pregnant, but it will not be written into the story.

Anthony LaPaglia (sp?) who plays Simon, is interesting and pretty funny. He is not British, so I am not accustomed to seeing him in such a role. I kinda like him now, but it all depends on what they do with him in the show. He could easily end up as nothing more than annoyance after a while. I have great faith in the writers of “Frasier” though. I think they are fabulous.

Huh. Count me among those who didn’t notice…


um, sad to say, but they ** did ** try to hide it. When was the last time you saw Daphne with a large shirt bulky button down shirt on over pants? When was the last time you saw a woman out for a formal evening NOT take her wrap off to dance? I could see it in her face more than anything anyhow.

I (or we) noticed:
[li]Jane Leeves is pregnant. I thought to ask my wife her opinion, but if SDMB people noticed it, that’s good enough for me.[/li][li]Simon (Anthony LaPaglia) becoming a recurring or a regular character. Maybe they felt they needed someone to replace Bulldog.[/li][li]We thought that the actors Saul Rubinek and Jane Adams (Donny and Mel) were being written out, as just their point-of-views were used at the beginning. But, they returned in later scenes. I think this was intentional.[/li][/ul]

When Daphne and Niles got up to dance she turned sideways and you could tell that she was pregnant. I didn’t think they didn’t do a very good job of hiding it but she’ll be having the baby soon so it doesn’t matter I guess.

Maybe they’ll do like they did on “The Nanny” when Lauren Lane (CC) got pregnant and just casually hide it, and occasionally make it obvious that they’re hiding it as a joke.

Well, to me it very obvious she was pregnant, but I knew she was pregnant, so I was kind of expecting it. I was wondering if anyone would notice if they didn’t already know.
In the scene where she has on the white t-shirt and the Hawaiian shirt over it, there were several times where it really showed.

The actress who plays Elizabeth Corday on ER is also pregnant, but it will not be written into the show (or so I heard), but that will be rather easy to hide behind big scrubs and gurneys.

If Simon becomes a regular, I think that Henry Winkler had better polish off his motorcycle helmet. :smiley:

Bulldog’s gone???

Dan Butler (Bulldog) is no longer in the title credits.

Bulldog got fired from KACL about a year or so ago. He’ll probably make guest appearances, though.

I just want to say that I like Anthony LaPaglia.

That’s all.

Jane Leeves is so obviously pregnant, and she never used to walk around in baggy clothes like that.

The Simon character is wearing thin.
Really thin.