fraudulent charges on my bank account

What is georgia telepay? I did a google search and I didn’t get any usefull info. I tried differant search engines and received wildly differing returns, but no info on georgia telepay it’s self. The reason I ask is that a couple of fraudulent charges showed on my bank account. At this point in the investigation not even the bank can tell me what or who made the charges. The only thing that showed in the comments next to the amounts charged was georgiatelepay dallas tx. The dirty bleepers drained my account right before Christmas. The bank said they would temp credit the account in 5 days. At least I won’t have to pay any over draft charges. If I get my hands on those bleepers I’ll nail thier private parts to the wall above my door. :mad:

I searched the BBB online, and the only thing I could find for telepay (Georgia telepay turned up nothing) is this company in Dallas.

Beyond that, I couldn’t find anything with quick searches that might help you out.

Thank you, although if the bleeper’s in the BBB report are responsible for this mess, I doubt I get to nail any body’s private parts to my wall. :confused:

I don’t know them either, but a similar mess started for me 2 1/2 years ago, with somebody called Six Figure Income and some related thing called SFI Inc. The bank credited my checking account temporarily and then within a month made it permanant, as well as sending letters to people I’d bounced checks to as a result, and refunding all the penalties and charges. Whoever these folks are, they used my Visa debit card number. So the bank gave me a new Visa account number and card attached to my checking account and nixed the old Visa number.

Over the next couple months more people looted my account using the old, cancelled Visa number. Bank explained that for some reason they couldn’t refuse payment on a Visa transaction, so rather than absorb the cost themselves they debited it to my new Visa account because they’d both been connected to the same checking account. “Well, why’d you try to fix it by giving me a new Visa number?” I asked. “We don’t know. We shouldn’t have. What we should have done was close your checking account and the Visa account both.” Ok, so I get a reimbursement and a second checking account and a third Visa debit card and number.

Over a couple more months it happens yet again. In fact by the end of this story I had 8 statements in a row EACH of which had fradulent activity from at least one new payee. So this time, they say that since I was still a customer of the bank, they weren’t going to absorb the cost themselves when my money was still sitting on their books. But they’ll reimburse everything. So I asked them, “If I didn’t have an account here, would you be able to deduct money from accounts I had in other banks?” “Well, of course not. How would we be able to do that?”
“I thought not. So, can you guess what I am going to do now?”

I fired that bank and got not one but two different banking setups at two different banks. Checking, savings, debit, overdraft, etc etc. Because one thing that became clear was how difficult it is to deal with a half-dead bank account. It’s well worth the extra trouble to split my business and have one perfectly functioning bank already in place if the other one turns into a pumpkin.

Probably a gambling site of some kind. They may have been an intermediary for a gambler who had gained access to your ‘vital statistics.’

This is a scam. Just saw a $200 withdrawal on my account and called BOA. They know exactly who they are. Be safe and file a claim.

It has been *nine years *since this was opened.

Napier, that’s scary stuff… I’ve had to change my debit/visa card due to fraudulent charges at least several times I remember, the last being several weeks ago. Most often, mine are charges for tickets overseas, Sweden in the last instance.

One time I had a series of charges , but unfortunately for the person who stole my cc number, they sent the merchandise to my address, since my address was on the bank account. I have never had an issue with the bank refunding my me my money, except them taking a week once, but your story really alarms me. Now I’m going to be watching my account even more closely.

I could never figure out how they got my information, except last time I remember using my card at a Chinese buffet and letting the girl take my card to the back at the table instead of normally paying up front when I left as I normally do there since I eat there pretty often.

Of course, I eat out at other restaurants and often let them take my card at the table but for some reason I got a feeling that day not to let her take my card but went ahead and did it anyway, so it’s purely speculation on my part. That happens to be the only place I used my card though in the space of that week.

I would definitely change banks if they kept charging things … wow.

We eat out quite often and in the last two or three years no one in a restaurant or pub has even attempted to take my card out of my sight. They bring a card reader to the table and do it there. I did once have a fraud on a credit card which was picked up by the issuer for some reason. The amount was charged and credited on the same day and my card was stopped for a week until they sent me a new one.

After that, and after seeing people in difficulties last weekend when the bank’s computer went down, I always carry at least two cards from totally different issuers/banks.

Where do you live? I live in New England, and I have never had a card scanned in front of me.


It’s pretty much universal that, if you have multiple accounts of various types at any ONE bank, they will help themselves to money from any account to pay any debt (real or imagined) on any other account.

So the obvious moral of the story is: Have all your accounts at different banks.

I’ve tried this, with moderate success. Of course, it turns out that banks are re-organizing all the time, merging, splitting, spinning off their various services, etc., so you never know from day to day who you’re really dealing with.

For example, I had checking, retirement, and credit card accounts at three different banks. Suddenly, in the mid-1990’s, the late unlamented Washington Mutual went on a massive acquisition spree and the next thing I know they are ALL WaMu accounts.

Likewise, banks often trade their credit card processing services without telling you, and make deals to use one another’s names and logos on their credit cards. For example, all your HSBC credit cards were, until recently, actually Capital One cards but you probably didn’t know that. Recently, HSBC took over that business so now HSBC cards are (AFAIK) really HSBC cards. Actually, I liked the way they were handled previously better.

You need to know who you’re dealing with, and try to distribute your financial accounts over many different financial service providers.

It’s also been suggested, here and elsewhere, that you should always maintain TWO checking (or similar) accounts at DIFFERENT banks.

There’s always a possibility that something non-optimal will happen. Your account may be defrauded. Or the bank may simply may some grievous error. Typically, those can be patched up and the bank will cover any losses. But it takes time for the bank to investigate and act, and in the meanwhile your account is frozen and you don’t have access to your money. So when that happens, you’ll really be glad if you have half of your checking account money somewhere else.

If your bank has it, sign up for alerts. Any transaction on my account comes to my phone as a text message. One day I was leaving a store and I got an alert showing they had charged me $146.00 instead of $14.60. I knew before I was out the door and went right back to have it corrected. I know the store and the owner and it was mistake, but had I left and come back later she may not have remembered the transaction.
There has been a few times where the transaction took a few hours to come through but most come through immediately. As soon as I swipe my card my phone is vibrating.
It may not stop the fraud but you’ll catch it right away.