Freakin' braindead commercials ...

Voiceover on radio ad for local mortgage lending company:

Now is a great time to make home improvements on your existing home …”

Awesome! I’ll do that! When I’m finished perhaps I will …

• … go horseback riding on my horse

• … go fishing for some fish

• … watch my friend Jarrod race his race car in a car race

• …

… or maybe, if time and opportunity permit, I’ll even …

• … have vaginal intercourse with a woman and perform oral sex with my mouth.


I’d go for some of that.

Sheesh, overreact much? It should be clear that they’re just trying to make sure everyone realizes that it’s not a good time to make home improvements on your imaginary home.

Was that a radio commercial on the radio? I love those!

This advertisement was sponsored by the Department of Redundancy Department

Or on someone else’s existing home.

I think perhaps they’re trying to differentiate home improvements on the home you’re in right now from the home you fucked up beyond repair with your last attempt at home “improvement.” Because let’s face it, that one’s a write-off.

My buddy said, “Well you know, some people spend their home improvement loans on new motorboats instead.” :stuck_out_tongue:

They have a good point. The unreal estate market these days is in some serious trouble.

If you’re gonna fish for fish, I suggest you do it in a stream of water.

Hey, times are hard. Normally these people’d be making improvements on their vacation home or even their second vacation get-away or their investment rental properties. :rolleyes:

Or maybe the company was seeking to differentiate a typical, suburban home improvement project from, say, a complete, basement-to-roof urban rehab.