Freaking Jack Chick!!!

I consider myself pretty Christian, but that damned Jack Chick is up to no good with his stupid tracts. His newest one, “Somebody Angry?”, Is basically saying to accept Christ because all the natural disasters have been occurring because God is mad at the rest of the world for picking on Israel and the Jews, and that at the End Times, I’ll be sent to Hell because I didn’t help the Jews. I’m not an anti-Semite, but it’s not within my power to help Israel and kill the Palestinians…

I have no further ability to be outraged by someone like Jack Chick. It is hard to be angry at people who are so delusionally stupid.

When David’s seed talks
Through his paper crown
And he spits hot steel
See all the kids fall down
Ohhh yeah, mmm
So high, most high, so high, Oh oh yeah

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Sorry double posting.
PS:I meant Jack Chick not Chich,as above.

So… God is upset with Alabama about what, Gay marriage?

About Britain, apparently.

I like the part when they’re on the highway and the one guy’s like, “I gotta go to the bathroom!”

That’s pretty soft for Chick.

Poor Jack. He missed it by that much with the title.

Shoulda called it “umadbro?”

I have no problem with someone starting up about this tract, but it isn’t the latest.

Currently the latest is still “You Have a Date” and that was covered almost two months ago. Some silly guy who has a handle that sounds like something from a nutrition label :wink: started the thread back then. You no doubt were expecting a new tract because of the years-old policy of every-other-month. (About half a dozen years ago it was upped to monthly, and that had something to do with preparing for the release of the “Light of the World” vid.)

While that-other-Jack has been very consistent with the bimonthly policy since then, he rarely has been punctual about it in the last few years. You can expect a day, two, three, or even several days delay for the tract part.

He always also has a Battle Cry newsletter update. (See the contents list at left of the home page.) These always have a personal message section. The messages frequently, but not always, give some background on the choice of tract produced. These are typically very late. ISTR as many as ten days or so in some cases. I find this particularly annoying because I may want to comment on the tract choice-oriented ones when posting about the tract.

Let me check… Nope! Still no May-June tract.

(See, JTC is the online villain I love to hate.)

- The One True Jack

If I were God, I’d destroy Jerusalem.If my children can’t learn to share something then I’m going to take it away, so that they can’t fight over it anymore. Makes sense to me…

You’d have to destroy a hell of a lot more than Jerusalem to make that point.

Why does the all-powerful always have such shitty aim? You’d think that someone who was all-powerful and all-knowing would have laser-like precision in getting rid of problems. Like, if I were this God, I’d just go “all people who don’t believe in me are now dead!” Zap! Gone! Or, if I didn’t like sin, I’d have created a race of people who didn’t sin from the get-go. God just seems really sloppy and incredibly short-sighted for an all-knowing, all-powerful being.

Hey, he’s just the lab technician, talk to his boss.

God saw desert and oil and a big gulf. From a distance, Texas and Saudi Arabia look a lot alike.

Wow! I can’t believe that Jack completely missed the fact that Granpa is clearly a secret Shia Muslim! Check the scene in the storm cellar where he is praying while prostrating himself with a turbahplaced where he can press his forehead on it! Obviously his rantings about Israel in the rest of the pamphlet must be Muslim lies meant to lead right-thinking Christians astray!! Shame on Jack for falling for this blatant ploy!!!11!

Haw haw!


I think the point we’re supposed to take away from these things is that god is a petty little prick.


Darnit - I was getting all excited for a new one, thinking his lazy procrastinating ass finally got on time this month with all the apocalyptic nature things going down… but nooooo, it’s just an old one still.

“During World War II, Hitler murdered 6 million Jews. The whole world hated them –especially the Muslims, the Vatican and Britain.”

Did he seriously put Britain next to Hitler???

“And the U.N. has hated them ever since.”