Freaky dream and sleep paralysis. (long&weird)

I had the strangest, most disturbing dream/set of dreams last night. They weren’t really disturbing because of bad things happening, more the way they ended.

It started with me waking up, in my room at home (odd considering I went to sleep at uni), getting up, going downstairs. Then I notyiced that things were strange, the dog didn’t want to decide if it was going to be a dog, a cat, or something in between, and people weren’t moving in the way they should. My Grandad came back from catching mackerel, at which point I realised it was a dream, since he has been dead for 12 years, and besides, we live over an hour from the coast. At this point, I woke up…

…in my bed at uni, right place this time. Again, I got out of bed, found I was somehow dressed, and left my room to walk into town, but the town was wrong. It seemed to keep shifting around, the roads didn’t go where they should, and the buildings weren’t the right ones. I realised that I was dreaming and…

…woke up in my bed at uni, again, got up an left my room, and this time it was the people who were wrong. Most of them were people who shouldn’t be here, like my friend from junior school who I haven’t seen for years. These people looked about as normal as people in a dream ever do, but acted as if I were invisible, the thing that scared me this time though, were the <i>other</> people, whose faces I couldnt focus on, but who I knew were <i>Very Bad Things</i>. At this point I tried to force myself to wake up, I really didn’t like the dream anymore…

…I woke up in my bed at uni, laying flat on my back, and opened my eyes. It was light, and I moved my eyes around the room, checking for anything dreamlike. Nothing. I tried to get up, and now the most frightening thing of all happened, as I realised I was completely unable to move. Now rationally, I know all about sleep paralysis, where the safeguards against you running around at night and hurting yourself remain on after you wake, leaving you paralysed. I knew that this was probably nothing to worry about, but I got more and more and more afraid, until eventually, after what could have been a minute or an hour, I could move. It was possibly the most frightening experience of my life.

Anyway, that post turned into a very long one, and I don’t even know why I am posting it, well, actually I suppose I do, it freaked me out, and I had to tell someone, better that it should be a collection of random people from around the world on the internet to laugh and tell me I sound like some drug-addled nutcase (which I’m not, incedentally, well, maybe a nutcase, but I never touch drugs) than to make real life people doubt my sanity.

Ah well, I’m posting it now, so feel free to ad your own stories/comments about weird dreams, after all, we all have weird dreams to some extent, don’t we?

dogfish, I hate those!! I thought I was the only person to have them, since usually when I try to tell people about them, I just get a funny look. And in my case, they’re always nightmares. This has probably happened to me a dozen or so times. The first few are extra-scary, surreal themes, then move to more realistic settings, which in some ways are even more scary. About two weeks ago, I had a series that went something like this:

  1. Vampires or undead something-or-others (VERY scary looking) were chasing me. I ran up several flights of stairs with my legs going slower and slower and the monsters gaining on me, and I KNEW I was going to die, probably by being eaten alive…

  2. Startle awake in a strange room, but not totally unfamiliar (like grandma’s house from when I was a kid or something.) I know an evil killer is coming for me. He’s close by and has already shown me a weapon or threatened me in some way. This has been going on for days. I start screaming and screaming as I see the shadow of the killer and the door is getting broken in… but my screams only come out as whispery, whistly things that will summon no help from downstairs… then…

  3. Startle awake at home, on the couch, where I did not go to sleep. The house is much, much bigger than our actual house (this is common in my dreams… living in HUGE mansions, often with parts that are blocked off and unused for many years.) There are two living rooms twice the size of our one living room, the fireplace is Viking-Lord-style big, etc… and THE KILLER IS STILL AFTER ME!!! I’m scared witless and trying to hide behind furniture. I run into my s.o. and start babbling to him about the killer, and he doesn’t believe me. Then I begin to scream as I realize the killer is in the house. I just know it somehow. But my screams once again come out whispery as my s.o. laughs at me…

  4. Startle awake in my own bed, everything’s realistic. I go out for breakfast with my s.o., who starts a normal conversation. But then, he starts telling me that he is going to date other people. He says how there are beautiful women lined up to go out with him, he doesn’t need me and thinks I’m second-rate compared to what he’s seen. He criticizes my physical and personality flaws in detail while laughing at me. (This is totally not anything like he would do in real life, even if he [God forbid] did break up with me.) I am in total shock and grief. He gives me two days to move out. The screams are real now…

  5. Wake up in (my real) bed sobbing and whimpering. My s.o. says, “Silly animal,” and wraps his arms around me in his sleep…

I hate those series of nightmares and false awakenings! At some point (I think around the third wake-up) I really think I have woken up. How disturbing.

I’ve never had a normal sleep life. Even though these days I eat healthy, exercise, and use moderation in all things, it’s either insomnia, nightmares, or both, so I’m used to tough nights. But those nights are among the worst of all.

I get these a couple of times a year, both the “constant waking with bads things going on” thing and the paralysis.

By now I can tell what’s going on while it’s happening and though it’s disturbing it’s not really scary anymore. The weird thing is that even if I figure out the bad things may be just a dream if I try to check that I am dreaming* my brain manages to fill in all the details and fool me that I am in fact awake.

*once I inspected raindrops on a window

Well since Hybrid-Dogfish (nice sig btw “What’a guy…”) has invited us to share our weird dream story’s heres one I had a couple of years back.

I’ve heard that dream-time = real-time but for me this dream disproved this theory. At the time I was playing Hind for the PC a lot which explains one aspect of this dream but not the others.

It was 100% realistic, I thought the dream was reality.

Anyway…myself and three others were members of resistance movement in an occupied country. It was dawn, just as the sun was coming up and we were on a mission to assassinate the head of the civilian occupying forces in a small village (I think this was my home village, not sure) Really pleasant place, vaguely central european, surrounded by mountains.

We were at the door of the targets house, one of the others knocked on the door while two of us hid just out of sight and the fourth waited in a get away car…suddenly sirens going off and shouts to stop (in a language I don’t recognise) We’d been set up, they knew we were coming, the bastard get away driver took off without waiting for the rest of us, so we vaguely opened fire and ran for the mountains outside the village.

Running for our lives up the steep green fields we were getting out of breath when we reached a small plateu about halfway up. Distant thudding sound and suddenly a Hind gunship comes soaring over the rise after us (for anyone who doesn’t know this is large Russian helicopter thats mean as hell and twice as ugly) :eek: A second of panic as we froze then we took off in opposite directions, one continued up the hill in the open, I ran towards a small forest while the other person ran the opposite direction towards a small isolated copse of trees.

The Hind came racing at low level towards us, suddenly the nose cannon sparkled and the ground around the person running uphill erupted as he was gunned down. I wasn’t going to make the forest so I dove into a nearby shallow but steeply banked river. Up to my neck in dark peaty water I forced myself back under an overhanging embankment.

The Hind shot past up the hill, made a surprising agile turn and came roaring back down towards the copse of trees where my other comrade was hiding, the wingtip rocket pods flared and the copse detonated into flames, from my hiding place I could hear the other person screaming over the noise before being cut off.

Pressing myself further back into my hiding place I saw the Hind slow down turn towards me and with a slow place with a strange shaking movement start to move nose-down towards me…obviously looking…closer and closer then with the ground trembling it moved past, obviously hadn’t seen me.

It moved on and spent the next while searching before being releaved by a couple of other helicopters and a large number of troops arriving on the scene.

In dream-time I hid in there all day while the search went on, as dusk was falling someone came along the opposite bank and finally saw me, I leapt out and ran towards the forest with shouts and warnings coming from the soldiers (I don’t recognise their uniforms) almost at the forest and relative safety when I have to leap a barbed wire fence which I fall and get caught upside down in, torn and bleeding with enemy soldiers closing in…

The End…suddenly woke up back in my own bed, took me a few minutes to realise where I was, talk about relief…

I swear to god I’m not making that all up, I really dreamt it and it felt as real as reality…it sounds like an exciting story but trust me it wasn’t fun at all

Hell, you’d never believe I previewed that, wouldya?

Anyway, at least other people have had this kinda dream, I too thought I might be the only one. I can usually find that once I realise that I am dreaming, I can wake up, or at least ‘control’ the dream to an extent (e.g. I can control where I run, the fact that I can fly, etc. but have no control over the monsters), but sometimes when I try to wake up I get these ones, first time with paralysis though.

Get a cat. Cats are helpful when you have sleep paralysis. They have a way of jumping up onto the bed and putting a paw on your leg, which breaks the paralysis. You then pet the cat and say, “good kitty”, or words to that effect, and drop off to a normal sleep with the cat curled up next to your legs, purring comfortingly.

I speak from experience.

I’ve never had one of those “constant waking” dreams, but my daughter did as a teen. She said she kept wanting to call someone to wake her up for real and couldn’t do it. When she finally did really wake up she was afraid to go back to sleep again for fear of falling into that space again. I had to stay up with her for a couple hours until she was o.k. again. It’s somewhat reassuring, I guess, that other people have these kinds of dreams, too, as I’d never heard of that before.

I’ve had this happen a couple times, but never a nightmare. Once, I slept on my friend’s couch and kept waking up and walking around their apartment only to realize I was still on the couch and so I got up and walked around only to realize I was still on the couch, etc. etc.

Of course, that night, I was pretty drunk before going to sleep.

It also happened when I was still living with my parents. I kept finding myself in bed after I thought I had gotten up.

I used to have horrible nightmares involving family slaughter. I would get my sister to sleep with me just to wake up and hear a live person breathing. This happened as long as I lved with my parents-went to college and those dreams stopped. I came home for Thanksgiving break and discovered that my sister was now having the same problem because she came and curled up on the floor beside my bed the first night I was back. (so what did she do the months I was away?Dunno). We finally have been able to sleep without terror in my parent’s house. It took 25 yrs though.

Now my dreams are about problems at work or problems during the day. None of which involve being stalked or evading a murderer. More like “loops” where explanations keep getting repeated and not understood.