Freaky Looking New Rodent Discovered

It’s the size of a cat, and looks like something out of a caveman movie.

I swear, when I looked at the photo, I expected to see a bunch of tiny cavemen with spears attacking it like the were going after a wooly mammoth.

That would be an odd pet. Kinda cool though.

It may be a freaky looking rodent, but you have to admit, it has a hot wife.

Meh, it’s an elephant shrew with a dye job. What’s so freaky about that?


I think it’s awesome that there are mammals left to be discovered.

Not to be snarky, but elephant shrews are not rodents (order Rodentia); they are members of the order Macroscelidea which is part of the superorder Afrotheria.

To clarify, here is a quote from the Wikiipedia article on elephant shrews.

“…molecular evidence, however, strongly supports a superorder Afrotheria which unites tenrecs, and golden moles with certain ungulates or mammals that were previously presumed to be ungulates, including hyraxes, sirenians, aardvarks and elephants, as well as the elephant shrews.”

I wonder if its edible.

Breed em by the thousands in captivity.

They’d make cool pets!

It kind of looks like a severed duck’s head that’s grown four legs, with an attachment to vaccuum a keyboard.