Frederic Malle Perfumes.........

Okay I met this lady in Dubai Airport lounge. She had an incredible perfume…

Now I kinda pride myself that I can recognise most Western perfumes and quite a few Japanese. Not this one…

Speaking to her she was more than happy to tell me about her perfume which was from Frederic Malle (spelling?) Perfumerie. Available not just anywhere and everywhere and never in airport duty frees.

I understood from her there was a boutique in Bologna which isnt that far from where I was heading. She started to tell me that they generally decant the perfume in to the size container you want so you can have several small samples to try before you decide which is for you.

I have several friends who would love this scent.

Okay ladies educate me on this process. I guess its ultimately going to be expensive but has anyone anything to advise

I’m not quite sure of your exact question, Manilla. Do you mean how much will it set you back to buy a bottle? I’ve got (and love) some of their perfumes and will be happy to help if I can. Which perfume was it that smelled so pleasant? Thie ethos is that they get distinguished perfumers who often work ‘in house’ for major firms to construct more niche scents.

Oh, I’ve got a practical tip - under no account put secretions maginifique onto your skin to test out. To put it mildy, it is not univerally loved. The smell is usually described once it has wramed up onthe skin, as semen and blood.

Well the name of the scent she wouldn’t tell me… she laughed she wanted to keep it exclusive for a while. And you know I could appreciate that.

I have the address of the boutique in Bologna and will go at the end of my stint offshore in about ten days. What can I expect going into a niche market perfumery? Any personal recommendation for a daytime and evening perfume selection?

My own taste at the moment, on a lady, is Issey Myake although I like more flowery scents in different circumstances.

Am not really concerned about the price, I understand i can buy smaller bottles.

semen and blood? hey have you been reading my mail ? (smiley thing)

ah, gotcha. Well, firstly, don’t worry - I can’t speak for the Bologna branch but the reputation for snootiness in high end perfume houses is very much exaggerated. Often the people behind the counters at such places are there because they truly love scents and thus welcome people who are a) clearly looking to buy and b) enthusiastic to learn.

My favourite Malle scent is Dans Tes Bras (In your Arms) by Maurice Roucel and it smells sort of like clean, salty skin. It’s utterly gorgeous. In my opinion works best as one of those scents to detect whilst kissing a loved one’s neck but it’s light enough to wear by day too. Roucel’s other classic *Musc Ravageur *is a LOT more full on and I know many people who go wild for it :wink: Smells like musk (obviously) with a strong note of cinnamon.

ETA: A very important point: The human nose is easily overhwlemed by being exposed to several strong scents in quick succession, eg like smelling lots of scents before buying. I would explain exactly what brings you to their store and do your best to describe the scent to the people behind the counter, ie was it flowery? spicy? etc etc to try and cut down the amount of new smells you are exposed to. Good luck and if you find it again, or another one you like,do post back!

Thanks for this. Am really looking forward to going there. I will let you know how I get on and what I take.

Am always buying scents as I travel. I bought some ‘alcohol free’ arabic perfumes last time which were interesting well received also.