Free $100 Gift Cards for Insurance Agents

(Note: Thanks, mods, for letting me post this!)

Hello all. I’ve got a Christmas gift for my fellow SDMB insurance agents: $100 gift cards to

As a few of you know, I run a training organization for life insurance agents. I originally got these cards as a recruiting tool, but they expire on 12/31/2009 and I’ve realized that I’m not going to be able to get rid of all of them before that time. So, I’ve decided to just give them away.

What are these cards good for?

Go Google “life insurance quote,” “health insurance rates,” or something similar. Chances are, you’ll end up at a quote farm - put your information in there and you’ll be contacted by a handful of insurance agents who would like to sell you their products.

If you’re an insurance agent, you can usually buy that “lead” for anywhere from $7 - $40 a pop, depending on the type of lead. is one of the largest vendors of internet leads, and these cards are good for $100 worth of leads with the activation of a new account.

What do you get out of this, Soul?

I get not yelled at by my customer service rep at for not getting rid of all of these things. I don’t get financially compensated, I’m not going to pester you to join my organization, I’m not going to add you to a list, I’m not going to blah blah blah…

I just have a crapload of these things and need to get rid of them. You’re welcome to use up the $100 and then cancel your account with them, I don’t care.

What are the terms on the card?

The legalese on the back says:

  1. Gift card cannot be combined with any other offer

  2. Gift card cannot be redeemed as cash

  3. New account activation required

  4. Must be used by the expiration date on the front of this card (12/31/2009)

They will take your credit card info to set up your account. If you allow them to, they will re-bill you when your account gets low back up to a $100 balance. If you don’t want that to happen, then tell them so.

Insurance reform! Obama!

Yes, yes. I know. I’m in favor of reform, too, as are many agents. But let’s not discuss that here. I know insurance is a touchy subject 'round these parts, but I’d be really happy if we could just keep this thread to discussion of getting free stuff.
I want it!

If you want a $100 gift card, or know an insurance agent who would like one, please send me an email at:

admin AT

Please write “SDMB Free Card” in the subject line so I know that you’re not one of my Association agents.

I will email you the instructions to redeem your card. I will not mail you a physical copy of your card - you don’t need it.

To recap: you can use up the $100 and cancel the account. You can get a card for yourself or for a friend. I receive no compensation of any kind for this. I will stop giving these out either on 12/30/2009 or when I run out, whichever comes first.

Want one?