"Free at last, Free at last...

…Great God a-mighty, I am free at last."

No, that’s not the MLK, Jr quote, his was “Free at last, Free at last, Great God a-mighty, We are free at last.”
The first quote is from your favorite webbed superhero; ya see after just a few weeks shy of 7 years***** the divorce from Hell is finally done!!!


  • That’s not almost 7 years of marriage, that’s almost 7 years since separation! :eek: (I said it was the divorce from Hell.)


::raises a glass to Spiderman::

Hooray! We were wondering where you’d been hiding…

Congrats, Web Slinger! I’ve had a handful of friends go through the process, and have celebrated with them in style. Cheers!


Seven years? Holy shit, that is the divorce from hell! Congratulations!

Sheesh, seven years? Mine only took two months, the legal minimum in this state. But there was no money and no kids involved, thank God.

Glad to hear it’s over and you can relax!

I thought my 10 month Divorce process was bad. I can’t imagine if it had gone on for 7 years.

Wow. Happy for you!

Congrats - great way to start a new year, eh?