Free chat room with members registration.

This is probably asking too much of freebies, but here goes:

Does anyone know of a free, or at least cheap, place where I can set up a chat room on my web site?

I want the users to have to register so they can only chat under the logins that they use at my website? is one of the very few free-hosting sites that provides PHP and perl CGI scripting, as well as MySQL database support. If you email me, I can get you set up with chat scripts.

Q.E.D. Thanks but:

My site is hosted by my ISP, NTL. Would I need to move my entire site to or do I just need to set up the chatroom there?

As you may have noticed, I’m totally confused!

Ah, it wasn’t clear from your OP that you had a site. Contact your ISP and find out if the provide at least Perl 4.0 support. If they do, you can host the chat software on your own webspace directly. If not, you can set up an account on spaceports and link to it from your main site. Or you can move your whole site to the spaceports servers, which might be a good way to go, as spaceports has requirements about keeping an active site with at least two webpages in order to keep your account active.

OK. Thanks Q.E.D.

I’ll check out :slight_smile: