Free cigarettes?

An anti-tobacco commercial on tv shows a attractive young woman distributing free cigarette samples to young people. I thought this was illegal.
I know that Big Tobacco is, or was, distributing free cigarettes by the ton all across China.
Are free samples legal in some parts of the US?
BTW; I remember this practice being very common when I was a youngster, in the 50s and 60s.

All I can add is that I’m just back from the Philip Morris HQ in Switzerland where it is no longer legal to offer free cigs to employees so instead you have to buy them in vending machines but at a default price of a couple of cents.

When I was in high school, late 80s/early 90s they used to have these Marlboro booths that PM would set up at convenience stores, fairs, etc.

You’d have to fill out a form, show ID (sometimes) and they’d give you sample packs of cigarettes (5 to a pack) and lighters and T-shirts.

I used to go searching for them every weekend just to get the free T-shirts.

Somewhere I have a box full of the empty sample packs too.

While not handing out actual, physical cigarettes, American Natural Spirit does hand out gift certificates for their products. Nothing to buy, they’re as good as cash towards their products.
Once a year they’ll send you two worth $10 each, then a few weeks later they send you another one for $5. My son get’s them.