Free flight 'park fliers'

This is actually a GQ, but I can imagine this thread turning into MPSIMS so I’m putting it here.

Out of curiosity I looked on eBay for a Sniffer free flight model. I built one of these when I was a kid back in the '70s, and I have two original Midwest kits in storage. (I might have a Super Sniffer too, but I don’t remember.) (Incidentally, you can get the kit from the manufacturer for $6 less than what he’s asking.)

The box says ‘for Park Flying’.

As I said, I built one of these. I flew it in the desert, and even with the dethermaliser I had to chase it down on my motorcycle. Can a free flight, gas-powered airplane really be classified as a ‘park flier’? There’s another Sniffer that does not say ‘for Park Flying’, but ‘Free Flight’. Does the inclusion of plans for converting the kit to radio control (in the first kit) make that one a ‘park flier’ and the one without the RC update not a park flier?


If I’d done a little more research before I posted…

I need more coffee.

Not a good idea, I used to fly rubber powered free flight models on the nearby park, I broke a lot and lost a few; the thing is, that as I got better at building the planes they started to fly more, and thus the risk of losing one was greater… I think there has to be a morality lesson somewhere on that paragraph.

Powered FF is out of question, not because you may lose or damage your plane, but because the engine and propeller can cause serious injuries, even small ones (I never sustained one, but I was this close of being literaly nailed by a 1/3 scale Extra, flew 30 cm over my head and crashed 2 meters behind me)
I don´t recomend you to fly it on a park, RC or not; a small electric model is better, and quieter so you won´t have people complaining about you ruining their Sunday pic-nic.
If you want to have something to fly when you´re bored check this out.