Free hot dog to celebrate 4 July

I was just outside and some group is handing out free bits and pieces of Americana to celebrate the fourth of July. It’s some sort of promotional tie-in I suppose. I grabbed a hot dog. Also some oreo biscuits, since I’ve heard people on the SDMB mention them.

How did you like the Oreos? I am severely addicted to the chocolate-cream Oreos, so I can not buy them very often. :wink:

Cookies Oreo cookies not biscuits! :slight_smile: If you call them Oreo Biscuits people will think you are a furiner.

They were OK I suppose. Nothing special. Just another version of a chocolate cream bikkie.

Infidel! Heretic! Stone him, stone him! :smiley:

Eh, Oreos are ordinary. Tried 'em, wasn’t impressed. I’d certainly accept the American hot dog, though.

And this is why I could never live overseas for an extended period of time. I don’t think I could stand to live with people that have no appreciation for Oreos and a good hot dog (mmm, all-beef kosher hot dog…)

That, and no Reese’s cups.

How are hot dogs where other people live?

I don’t care for oreos myself. I’m more of a Chips Ahoy Chunky Chip girl.

The “American” one I was given tasted exactly the same as the “Australian” versions I have had: a bread roll, a frankfurt, some onions and some tomato sauce.

[sub] Of course they don’t like Oreo’s they eat Vegamite! ruined taste buds[/sub]

Some would say ‘refined palate.’

If you mean ketchup, Dirty Harry would shoot you for putting that on a hotdog. Or one of Clint’s personas would.

The terminology may have changed, but a “hot dog” in NZ is a “corn dog” – sausage onna stick, battered and deep fried. I do like American hotdogs. They’re stlll enough of a novelty to enjoy.

I wasn’t all that wowed by Oreos either - they were a bit too sweet and synthetic tasting for my liking.

Must add my voice to the Oreo verdict. We have local biscuits here that are pretty much the same. Not bad, but not memorable either. I don’t think they live up to the hype.


The new Peanut Butter Double Stuf Oreos are amazing… but they tend to fall apart (the PB separates from the cookie) when dunked in milk. :frowning:

I gots to get me some hot dogs.

I loved Oreos until I found out that its filling is essentially Crisco, with all the trans fat that comes with it. Yuck.

It’s all about the chips ahoy cookies!

A chicago-style hot dog = Vienna hot dog, bun, mustard, relish, pickle, tomato, onion and celery powder. DO NOT ASK FOR CATSUP (ketchup) or you will be removed from the establishment.

Anti-Oreo Partisans: do they have Hydrox where you live? (Oreo vs. Hydrox is almost as controversial as Coke vs. Pepsi.)

Heck, I’m American and I don’t quite get Oreos, either.