Free HTML/CSS hosting

I want to host my own website, it will be entirely in HTML. There would be some images displayed on it, but they wouldn’t be in the site itself they would be hosted elsewhere, so storage isn’t a problem. Where’s the best place I can get this for free? I know there’s alot of these sites, but they all want you to use their tools. I want one where you just upload your HTML documents and they are accessible to the world.

Try and upload your HTML using the File Manager.

A lot of those free sites come and go. If you’re willing to pay just pennies a month for good stability and service, give a try. It’s billed by usage, and tiny sites can get by with less than 25 cents a month. They’ve been around since 2002 and work really well.

If you pair that with the free CloudFlare CDN, you get free global edge node caching of your content too, both HTML and also images if you like.