"Free" internet crap

I can’t stand people telling me to sign up for “freeipod” this or “freeplasma” that and the plethora of other free sites. And the people who DO try to get me to sign up tell me “Oh, it’s legit… I had a friends brother who got an XBOX from one of these sites.” - a pyramid scheme is a pyramid scheme is a pyramid scheme. I am NOT signing up for Rhapsody, I will NOT do netflix, and I most certainly will NOT get myself tangled up with Columbia House all in quest of being just one more notch on your belt towards you getting something for free. I don’t CARE if you say you’ll reimburse me in full - I won’t do it. The last thing I need are more telemarketers contacting me to do those “movie surveys” asking me what the last movie I saw was and if I saw it more than once, and how much money do I make a year, and do I have any children, am I married? Single? Divorced?


…unless you find some free laptops. I’ve been meaning to get one and they’re so expensive these days.

I agree with you except for Netflix. Netflix is the shit. And it has absolutely nothing to do with pyramid schemes.

Don’t insult the Netflix.

Netflix is one common thing most “free” sites tell you to sign up for as an option. I used to be a member of Netflix, but then I started getting damaged dvd after damaged dvd after… well… you get the idea. Blockbuster also another “option” on most of these free sites.

Netflix has never claimed to give anyone anything for free, unless you’re referring to free subscription trials. It has nothing to do with pyramid schemes or signing up others.

I was actually shocked to learn that 90% of these “Get a free Ipod/Xbox/Plasma TV” things are not scams, just insanely complicated programs involving purchasing and canceling trials of different services.

I think you’re missing the OP’s meaning. As you say, most of these set-ups involve signing up for services, such as Netflix, Rhapsody, etc., and the OP isn’t willing to do any of that, not even for a free iPod.

Probably getting tons of emails from “friends” who are busy trying to fulfill their own little tangled web of completed deals and offers and requirements, such as getting other people to sign up.

Netflix is great. I love Netflix and I resent you putting them in the same category as “FREE! $150 worth of Starbucks coffee” and their ilk.

I have recommended NEtflix to many people. I get nothing but the satisfaction of having recommended it to others who enjoy movies delivered conveniently to their home through the mail (but it’s NOT free).

But if you don’t want it, it IS in the same category. The OP is not commenting on the quality of the companies offering free trials, the OP is commenting on being asked over and over again to sign up for stuff the OP is not interested in so someone else can get their free gadget.

So, there’s nothing for you to “resent”.

Exactly! Netflix, Blockbuster, Rhapsody, etc… might be good for some people but I don’t want to sign up for them in the quest for someone trying to get something free for themselves - only to leave me to try to get 10 people to sign up for the same crap under me if I want anything out of the deal. I had a friend talk to me for an hour extolling the virtues of Rhapsody.

There are a great many banner ads on various websites that promise you some type of electronic device free if you participate in a number of sponsoring programs. The sites lure visitors in with promises of “free” iPods, PSPs, handheld DVD players, and more. The catch is you MUST participate in some arbitrary minimum number of sponsoring programs AND you must convince another arbitrary minimum number of friends to participate as well.

Whether you knee-jerk Netflix defenders like it or not, Netflix sponsors a LOT of these programs. They are very often on the list of things you may select in order to “win” your device. If you’re happy with Netflix’s service, selection, etc., fine for you. But take a look at what they’re sponsoring before you assume they have “nothing to do with” those pyramid schemes.