Free MP4 to MP3 converter

I need something that will convert an MP4 file to an MP3 file.

I’m trying to create a running tape (I’m old–don’t know what else to call it) to go with the Couch to 5 K format and my own music. I’m using Audacity to overlay my music on top of the audio prompt file. The problem is the audio prompt file is in MP4 and that format is not supported in Audacity. I therefore need to convert the MP4 to an MP3.

After 6 weeks, I’ll never use either Audacity or the converter again, so I don’t want to pay anything. AVS is something I see in all my searches, but if you don’t pay, you get a commercial every 10 seconds on your converted audio.

Any suggestions?

Give Format Factory a go.

I’ve had great results with Switch Sound Converter.

Thanks to both of you. Settled on Switch which also had a sound mixer that was easier to use than Audacity. Put my music together and looking forward (sorta) to running tomorrow.