Free Original Music for your project

I was a musician in the '80s, but now I’m strictly a hobbyist. I have Reason software, and about fifty little “pieces,” created while I learn the software.

I suck at mysapce skills but I put up a site with four samples, although these samples aren’t really representative of the whole.

I will give them away to anyone, for whatever purpose, and only ask for a courtesy copy of whatever they are used for. They are suitable, at least in parts, for amateur film, dance, or whatever. They are highly editable, midi-ready or stand-alone. (They don’t completely suck–YMMV :), so I’m mystified that no-one will take me up on a free offer )

To the mods: I don’t consider the SDMB a vehicle of self-promotion, and I really don’t care about self-promotion, but I’ve gotten nowhere trying it on myspace–and if this belongs in MSIMPS (sp?) or needs deleting feel free.


I put together video projects for my local cable access channels. I volunteer my time and there is no commercial interest or content. I might be interested in using your material if giving you on-screen credit plus a DVD copy of the show is sufficient.

I am at a computer that doesn’t have sound right now, but when I get home I will listen to some of your samples. If they seem to be appropriate for future projects, I might want to use them (usually just for title and end title sequences). So let me know if this is OK.

Sounds like a great idea!

I don’t even care about credit.

I’m glad though, that you can’t hear it right now, because I’m in the process of making the mysapce sample more focused on the rap/pop side–so songs may be down.-- But the actually variety is much wider.

contact me through myspace

Why don’t you let us know when you have something we can look at or listen to? I don’t want to dig around in the bins unless you are ready.

Fantastic! I’m an amateur filmmaker, always working on at least one project, and finding appropriate music is a constant headache (since my movies’ budgets run from zero to about $50). I keep a library of music that’s licensed for use, but none of it sounds like yours; you’ll likely be hearing from me at some point.

Can you do Retro 70s cop show music?