Free Psychotherapy - from a chatbot

Meet Eliza:
Thanks to Slate for this: Slate Article

I actually prefer “iGod” - it seems a bit more intelligent (though admittedly not by much) and the interface is better.

Eliza’s been around forever … Slate’s just now getting around to writing about it?

iGod was rather uneventful. It was like SmarterChild, but dumber. I did enjoy the little angel logo while logging in, however.

Presumably the interface is better and the 'bot is more responsive/realistic 'cause ELIZA is ancient.

I believe I had a version of DOCTOR for the Commodore 64.

The original SoundBlaster came with a Doctor program. I liked typing illogical statements that eventually caused it to break down.

SEXY-LIZA was a popular variant for the C64.

I remember adapting a version of ELIZA written for Apple ][ flavour of BASIC for the very slightly different Coleco SmartBASIC, c. 1985. The code was published in a nerd magazine, wot?