Free Tibet

…With every purchase of Qinghai province. For a limited time only.

Is that offer void in Utah and Tennessee? If I’m not fully satisfied, can I return the unused portion for a full refund?

Its “Free Tibet” with ten gallon or larger purchase at your Boulder area Diamond Shamrock.

That, or “Free Tibet” with purchase of equal or greater Tibet, supplies limited.

…one Tibet per customer, while supplies last. No C.O.D.s, send check or money order TODAY!

Fuck this. That fucker Gad doesn’t tell you shipping and handling’s not included. You ever try and pay to millions of square miles of mountainous terrain? I tell you…

Ship. “Ever try to pay to ship” he means. He just woke up, forgive him for missing a word or two? :wink:

Probably from the same people who told me to save the whales!!!
Didn’t know how difficult it is to collect the whole set!

(Damn, I’m missing the Goose-beaked Whale. I got two Northern Right-Whales and three Minkes - anyone wanna swap? I’ll throw in a Long-snouted Spinner Dolphin for good measure.)