Free Trade Liars

So, I’m done discussing free trade in GD, because there’s a bunch of lying assholes in GD. So, here’s the thread:

And here’s bldysabba being a lying piece of shit:

So, first of all, I never claimed that free-trade is driving slavery. Obviously, we’ve had slavery in periods with restricted trade. What I said is that I’m concerned about slavery and that US trade power can help to solve that problem. But because bldysabba is a lying piece of shit, he/she wants to pretend I claimed something else.

Ok, but there is actually a substance of an argument in his/her lying bullshit which is this:

Yeah? Listen up you dumbshit, I am opposed to slavery period. If you have a study that shows that slaves are better off under slavery, produce it (but I don’t actually think you have one). Otherwise, shut the fuck up, you lying piece of crap. Because what you have claimed here is that the economy as a whole might be better off with slavery, which doesn’t actually address my complaint. God, you are a terrible person.

Oh, look. Here’s WillFarnaby lying out his ass:

Hey, you lying piece of shit. I’m talking about actual slavery. You are an evil person, who lies through his teeth.

Have you changed medications recently?


Do you actually have anything to add to this? Asshole.

ETA: Regards, asshole.

That much, huh?



You’re an asshole.

Any other symptoms? Night sweats? Double vision? Shortness of pants?


A bold stance!

I disagree with you, BrightNShiny. I think slavery is bad and we shouldn’t support it.

Do you suppose he means it never happened?

Ladies (and men with ladybits), listen up!

You no longer have to be enslaved by your period!

There’s, like, things and stuff…like underwear that you can just get all periody and plastic cups for your hoohah and, I dunno, maybe a type of super-absorbent powder or something?

But no more period slavery, is my point. You’re free!

I didn’t slog through the entirety of the linked thread, but it sounds like you’re taking a rather sophomoric approach to the topic—emphasizing the ills of free trade without acknowledging the extraordinarily complicated broader context. Instead, you’re excoriating people with different perspectives and approaches and because they recognize some unfortunate non-utopic realities and problems with simplistic solutions you brand them ‘liars’. (BTW, you really should look up the definition on that one—it seems like you could be calling them monsters, ignoramuses, absurdly myopic or a host of other nasty things, but calling them ‘liars’ for not accepting your point of view makes you look silly.)


I don’t put a lot of stock into U.S. trading power to do anything about slavery. I have lived my entire life in the U.S. and I myself am a slave to love. Slave to love. Na na na na, na na na na. And I can’t escape; I’m a slave to love.

Someone is in dire need of taking ole one eye to the horizontal optometrist.


I AM an evil liar and you’ll never stop me!

Does backflip off of roof, BrightNShiny runs to look over edge, but WillFarnaby has vanished

I’m pretty sure you’re in that pile of broken packing crates.

And he scared all the alley cats away, the big meanie.

Stands up, delicately removes banana peel from shoulder and tosses aside.


You’re an asshole.