Free Web based e-mail with "allow only" feature

I am looking for a free, web based e-mail that will allow me to say:

“Only allow mail from,, etc” In other words, if it’s not on my list, I ain’t taking the e-mail.

I have had it up to here (imagine me putting my hand way above my head) with SPAM, jokes, crap, and viruses. Enough is enough, and I want control.

If a free web based version is possible, I’ll use it, otherwise I’ll use my Road Runner mail (to be installed on Thursday) and utilize filtering through Outlook. I’d really rather have the web based, though.

Anyone? Help?


Hotmail has this feature. If you set your Junk Mail Filter to “Exclusive”, only messages from people in your address book will show up in your Inbox. You can also accomplish the same thing with regular filters. Any free mail host that allows filters should work.

Yeah - but Hotmail STILL has let a few bits of spam through, even though I have it set to Exclusive. The other day it let through a piece of mail on my banned list! I swear it’s doing it deliberately.

A few bits is better then getting “sex farm sluts” every day I suppose. I’m trying out Hotmail. Thanks!