Free Windows maze program, if you ask

Hi. I’ve written a program that generates mazes, then lets you play through them onscreen. If you want a copy, e-mail me.

I’m planning on putting this up for shareware. If you accept the program, I just ask that you send your comments, and update this thread so that it stays fresh.

I’m thinking of asking for $7.50. Let me know if you think that’s fair.


My husband writes software and used to make his living writing shareware, so I understand how hard it is and would be happy to help.

QA is what I do, so I might be able to give you some good feedback. What size is the file you’ll be sending?

The EXE is about 60K, or I can send a zip file of about 25K.


Hello again. I’ve sent this program to a few of you. Comments anyone?

I suggest you see about creating a scaled-down on-line Java version, with promises that the $7.50 one is way cooler.