Free Word Processing software

I need a good freeware word processing program… I don’t like MS Word and really don’t wanna pay for it. Any suggestions?


OpenOffice is an open source office suite including word processing (think MSWord), spreadsheet (think MSExcel) and presentation manager (think Powerpoint). It handles MS file types and is totally free to download.

For something more lightweight you could try Abiword. I wanna mention it, but I can’t really recommend it, as I haven’t used it recently, and the last time I tried it it was a bit crashy. Coulda been a bad build.

I thought KOffice had a Win32 build for some reason, but I guess not.
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Depending on your application, it might be worth learning LaTeX. It’s a typesetting program designed primarily for technical and scientific writing, so if that’s your primary use it’s well worth the effort.

If you want a more standard word processor, I second the recommendation for (I believe the .org is part of the name of the software.)

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I just wanted to say thanks for the suggestions too. I’m too tight to fork out for Microsoft Office, so I tried OpenOffice today and it seems to be a reasonable, if imperfect, replacement for everything I need. Cheers!