"Freedom kids" do militaristic song and dance routine at Trump rally (Video)

Poe’s law strikes again. This is like a bad parody.

Video: http://www.motherjones.com/mojo/2016/01/freedom-girls-donald-trump-rally

Sometimes I doubt your commitment to Sparkle Motion.

it looks like a parody of a North Korean propaganda bit, where they drag out kids to sing a song titled

“The Patriotic People Will Overcome Against the Terrible West Thanks To Our Dear Leader’s Abundant Wisdom”

I had the exact same thought while watching.

I’ve seen references to Hitler youth.

I had to Google that.


What short memories some people have.


Trump’s official rally is better attended.

They remind me of a grade school talent show, and not the winners either.

[quote=“rowrrbazzle, post:8, topic:743172”]

What short memories some people have.

[/QUOTE] You seriously don't see the difference in the messages? In any case, one doesn't justify the other.


you bastard, I really was drinking coffee when I read this and I have just inhaled some and had a coughing fit.

Well played sir.

Is that not an official rally? (I honestly don’t know.) If it’s not, then that makes this somewhat less troubling.

No, the Trump one is official. I meant, apart from the message content, the Obama-oriented videos were not of significant events, so it’s not much of a comparison. The Trump one is a deliberate offering of the campaign itself.

This demands a mashup with some North Korean videos.

Yeah, the two Obama videos seem to have been created by a handful of supporters on their own.

The Trump performance was at an official campaign event. Such events are usually carefully choreographed and presumably someone in the Trump organization approved this act.

That is Biblically bad. All it needs to complete the horror is rain of fire or a plague of frogs.

I couldn’t finish it. The “music” appears to be played from a 1982 Casio. The lyrics are those of a fourth-grader on a patriotic kick.

Just, ugh.

Simplistic crap, just like The Donald’s campaign and his followers.

I weep for the nation.

They could have at least found some kids that have rhythm.

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times, this is what happens when every rock band in history sends a campaign a preemptive cease and desist order. This!