freedom of speech or pervert?

I wonder how many people who decry Flynt’s magazine also find its contents strangely alluring…

Revtim wrote:

Eminently quotable, sir. Well said.


Now wait, just because YOU don’t find yourself offensive, doesn’t mean you’re not offensive to someone. I think we ALL need the protection of the 1st Amendment. That’s why it’s there. You can’t go around expecting everyone to find offense in all the same things you do. If you’re offended by Hustler magazine, don’t buy it.

You know what’s offensive to me? People who look down on those who’s views are different than their own. At least Larry Flynt is being honest about what he does. He’ll be the first one to admit he’s a scum bag. I’m MUCH more offended by the guy who preaches morality, but has his own little stack of Hustler magazines under his bed.

Am I offending you?

Ozone: my mom(now 81) used to say that! There was some man on tv complaining about pornography and she said, He probably reads it himself. I think she understood that folks who aren’t interested; don’t make a big deal about it.
Myself, he can publish all he wants. I’ve never ead it, though I once read Screw magazine(boring).

Revtim wrote:

ozone responded:

Perhaps before you go off on any further tirades you might want to consider re-reading that sentence that Revtim wrote. In case you missed it, he agrees with you. :rolleyes:


IMO, Larry Flynt truly embodies the capatalist American spirit. He prints what sells, he makes a load of money. He works hard to provide a service that people want to buy. Ah, the American Dream!

Is he a pervert? According to most of the standards of mainstream culture, sure. But increasingly less so. And I don’t think he’s ever claimed to be an “Advocate” of the Constitution or the First Amendment, and why should he? He doesn’t cry about Freedom of the Press or of Speech, he lives it.

Let’s take another look at this.

Revtim wrote:

My take on this was that Revtim was trying to say that the reason Larry Flynt has fought so hard for his 1st Amendment rights, is that he is offensive. In other words, it’s people like HIM (Larry) who need the 1st Amendment because he offends. Never was it mentioned that we ALL need the 1st Amendment, or that we ALL are probably offensive in some way to someone.

Revtim - If I mis-read your post, I apologize.

Esprix - It wasn’t a “tirade” :rolleyes: