Freelance copywriting -- how much do I charge?

Okay. I have an English degree that I never use to its best ability (Though I did use its correctly just there), but a friend of mine has a freelance opportunity for me and I need the advice of the masses.

My friend is building a website for a gentleman who runs a luxury real estate company.

My friend says he is getting raw copy from this guy but he knows the copy will be shite, and wants me to re-write it. It’d be 5 - 8 pages of text. Do I charge by the page or the hour, and how much?

Don’t wanna screw my friend, but if this guy’s niche is luxury real estate, and he’s doing well-enough to get a high-end website, I figure he’s got the duckets to get good copy…


Something’s pretty wrong here. What were your qualifications, again?

Have a look here for some guidelines (you’ll have to click about a bit) - these relate to the UK, but will give you an idea of scale.

You can charge by the page or by the word, I generally charge my lowest rates for editing/minimal rewriting.

In terms of high-end glossy corporate copy, that usually commands the highest fees. It really is somewhat of a piece-of-string situation though.

At the end of the day, work out how long the job will take you. Work out how much on a reasonable regular salary you would be getting per hour - then at least double that. You should always be estimating on a higher rate for any freelance work, because it has to take into account the irregularity of work, lack of benefits, and overheads. You also should consider a minimum fee for any job: if you’re only proofing a hundred words or so, unless the person is a regular client, it won’t be worth your while.

Oh come now. Alliteration always makes for decent writing, even if the grammar suffers a tad. :slight_smile:

If you’re working off of somebody else’s copy, it’s hard to charge by the word. Hourly makes more sense then. Either that, or take a look at his copy and give a flat quote. It’s hard to give you an exact number, but I’ve seen copywriters paid as little as $15 per hour (OUCH) and as much as $75 if they are well known and highly experienced.

I presume you mean ducats?

[QUOTE=I presume you mean ducats?[/QUOTE]

Crap-on-a-stick! How did I miss that twice? Well, I’m pretty sure I’m charging 15 now! :wally