Freeware to Close Program on Countdown Timer

Hi. I am looking for freeware that will close or kill any .exe or process based on a countdown timer that I can set and watch.

I am not interested in Windows Task Scheduler.

I am on Windows 7 if that matters.

Thanks if you can give me a helpful link.

Sorry if this in the wrong forum.

There is the taskkill command that can be fed a program name to kill it. Although I prefer Sysinternals PSKill. There are several methods to set up a timed wait. Some of the more basic (kludgier?) ones are here.

Don’t know about the “and watch” part. Using ping with a suitable interval with a suitable number of total pings set can give you a visual.

Thanks but I was hoping for something that isn’t using command line. It seems like such a basic idea, that I would have thought someone would have made it by now (with a proper GUI).