Freezing assets, a question

OK, Qadaffi had his accounts in the US frozen. Good. I assume he cannot, at this point, write any checks on those accounts.

But what about deposits?

Suppose BP (or whomever) wants to deposit $50,000,000 for an oil tanker full of crude into a frozen account. We (by ‘we’, I mean the US government) would be better off with that much more scratch in the account, but it also occurs to me, that at times, the US government is about as sharp as liver, so a deposit might be rejected, and so, I feel the need to ask the question, can money be deposited into Qaddafi’s frozen accounts?

(I also am asking this, in the hopes the answer is ‘yes’, a big deposit actually happens, and somehow, Qadaffi, much to his dismay, finds out it about it)