French Admiral Dopers: Could the French have won the Battle of Quiberon Bay? No hope?

Word on the street is that the French got p0wned by the British Royal Navy in 1759, scattered and blasted away.

Was there anyway for the French to avoid defeat? The French navy seemed to always have inferior gunnery and navigation than the Royal Navy. Was there anything they could have done differently to avoid being Admiral Hawke’s b!tch?

What are you talking about? we won the Battle of Quiberon . There is no other Quiberon we should speak of. None.

Those foreigners are weird. The other day, one asked me about Alesia.

Alesia? There’s no Alesia. Gergovie, you mean?
P.S: BTW, you’ve just answered 4 threads with French or France in the title. Reset your search button, it’s becoming obsessive :).