French Earthlink News Scroll?

I have the Earthlink news scroll at the top of my screen. Glanced up a few minutes ago and noticed that at least part of it was in French. (Didn’t notice about the rest.)

Clicked on the link and the article itself was in French beginning with:

I assume it’s about the new Prime Minister, but I don’t speak French. It looks a little strange though. Too many question marks, for one thing.

Did anyone else receive this over your tin foil?

They loved you when you went to France last year. Now having tracked you down, they are trying to lure you back with promises of exciting new brands of absinthe and replacement underwear.

Hey Zoe: Who loves ya’? :smiley:

Ya big flirt!

The scroll just came across again. All news headings were in French, but they all seemed to be about the Prime Minister even though the titles were different. Some titles had “?” inserted in the middle of words.

Then the scroll went completely blank – sort of like the faces of UA on game day --and then the English scroll began again.

This is a horizonal scroll across the top of the screen.

A serious answer to your question would be that while I use Earthlink, there is no news scrolling across the top of the screen. Not having that Avant-Garde fancy stuff, I can’t help you.

Good luck!


It looks like the question marks are replacing letters with accents (e.g. é or è).

As to why it came across in French, who knows??

PARIS - “La priorit? de l’action” du Premier ministre Dominique de Villepin, “c’est ?videmment l’emploi”, a annonc? mardi soir Jacques Chirac, qui a tir? les le?ons du r?f?rendum de dimanche en cong?diant Jean-Pierre Raffarin et en “demandant” -publiquement- ? Nicolas Sarkozy d’entrer au gouvernement.
Fait exceptionnel, le chef de l’Etat a en effet annonc?, dans une d?claration radio-t?l?vis?e, avoir, “dans un esprit de rassemblement”, “demand? ? Nicolas Sarkozy de rejoindre le gouvernement comme ministre d’Etat, ce qu’il a accept?”. L’int?ress? devrait revenir au minist?re de l’Int?rieur, qu’il a d?j? dirig? de mai 2002 ? mars 2004.
The “?” are inserted where you should see accent marks, or other characters specific to french (like the " ç ")

The text says :

“The priority of the Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin is of course employment” anounced Jacques Chirac, who took in account the results of last sunday’s referendum by dismissing Jean-Pierre Raffarin and asking publically Nicolas Sarkozy to join the government. In an exceptionnal move, the head of state announced, during a broadcasted interview, that he had, in a “spirit of unity”, asked Nicolas Sarkozy to join the government as “Ministre d’Etat” (*), and the latter agreed. He should come back to ministery of interior he was in charge of from may 2002 to march 2004.
A quick explanation : though Sarkozy is a member of the resident’s party (actually, he’s currently heading it), he intends to be candidate for the next presidential elections, and his power seizing strategy resulted in a very strong disagreement (to say the least) betwen the two men. But Sarkozy is currently extremely popular (in particular due to his hard stance against immigration and crime while he was a member of the government, and his talent with the medias. (I remember that just after Chirac was reelected, Sarkozy, then minister, found a way to appear quite every day in the evening TV new, for one reason or another). He was one of the three people who were expcted to be picked as prime minister. And by the way, not only Chirac doesn’t like Sarkozy, but the new prime minister Villepin hates him even more.

By the way, personnally, I really, really, can’t stand the guy. If there’s one polotical figure I don’t want to become president, it’s him.

(*) “ministre d’etat” (litterally : state minister) is just a honorific title. He’s just a minister like any other apart from appearing in a higher spot on the protocolar list. This"title" is generally given to either key political figures or when the president intends to show that he will give a high priority to the issues the minister is in charge, so in order to show that either the minister or the ministery he’s heading is of a particular importance for the president.