French healthcare System-Best In the World?

I saw the C. osgood report on TV Sunday, and watched the segement on the french Healthcare system. I had a few questions, because the show presented some very impressive points:
-the French system delivers high-quality healthcare at a lower cost than in the USA
-the French EMT system is well designed and works well-triage decisions are made by a qualified physician, and emergency cases are routed to the best-qualified hospital
-the French system functions without armies of forms approval clerks, and insurace reviewers
-drugs are dispensed in France efficiently, with low cost to the governemnt and taxpayesr.
It was quite impressive, and i have a few questions:
-the report mentioned that french doctors are paid less than in the USA-is that trues?
-what is the role of the law in France 9as regards medical malpractice)-are French doctors routinely sued? Do they have to carry malpractice insurance?