French Prints Show the Year 2000, From 1910's Perspective

It’s almost funny. And shows how much we don’t consider how we’ll create so much new technology in the future, rather than just improve what we already have.

Whoever thought that we’d all have a computer to talk to each other 30 years ago?

Anyways, here’s the link, enjoy:

I have some of them in an encyclopaedia of sci-fi. They’re great. Not as great as the threadkiller thread but sure dem’s the breaks or brakes. :slight_smile:

I refuse to allow you to kill this thread. Thoughtless.

I love the “cars of war.”

This page from the 1900 Ladies Home Journal is surpisingly accurate.

It predicts, 100 years into the future:

-wireless phones and cheap long distance
-central air conditioning and heating
-cars more common than horses
-elimination of coal for home heating and cooking
-live satellite TV
-TGV/bullet trains
-transatlantic flights
-frozen dinners & packaged food

among other things.

And pills to make your husband less horny.

Many of the robotic arm-assisted devices seem to be influenced by Chaplin’s "Modern Times ".

Or vice-versa.


We call them “armored cars,” which seems pretty close. Remember, “tank” onlyrefers to what we think of as tanks because it was used as an innocuous code term during wartime security.


“The trip from suburban home to office will require a few minutes only. A penny will pay the fare.” :dubious:

Also what’s this: “[The American] will live fifty years, instead of thirty-five as at present.”

No way was the average life expectancy 35 years in the USA in 1900. No way.

You’re right about that.

Look in table 12a on this source.


TOTAL 49.2
MEN 47.9
WOMEN 50.7

Very close to the 50 predicted instead of the 35 quoted.


I actually saw someone a few months ago with something that looked almost exactly like the “car shoes” picture, the only difference is that it was one piece rather than two.

“At School” looks a lot like a modern language lab.

Except for the monstrosity in the right foreground.

I mean, I can’t remember the last time I used my manual book grinder.

I love the one kid who has to work the book grinder – “No learning for you!”