French Protestors 1, French Government 0

France’s government has scrapped its controversial youth-labor law after two months of protests.


I’ll take predictable political results for $100, please, Alex.

French Protestors 1, French Driver 10.

Hurrah! Now my friends in France can get back to preparing for their exams (having been blocked from attending lectures till now.)

Unless they’re unemployed of course. In which case they can go back and rot in the unemployment queue.

French university students 1, French unemployed 0

Way to show courageous leadership Chirac!

As opposed to the older workers being unemployed I suppose.

And sometimes, believe it or not, good leadership is admitting when you’re wrong…

What I don’t understand is why most of the French drivers (except this intrepid fellow!) just accept having their road (insert: airport, railroad, ferry, etc.) blocked. Or why the students and teachers just silently accept having their schools/universities blocked, unless the vast majority agree with those doing the blocking. If I were to find my way home blocked by a bunch of fools I completely disagreed with, it’d piss me off to no end. I sure as hell wouldn’t just silently accept it.

…except he didn’t admit he was wrong. He just buckled under pressure.

What would you do about it? Stage your own protest? It’s not like you can run them down.

I think Chirac should practice saying the following:

I for one welcome our new student overlords.

In other news, left-wing looks good for the next French presidential elections, non?