French speakers: a question about high register and liaison?

We are currently rehearsing the Cantique de Jean Racine, by Gabriel Fauré. The second verse of this work contains the following lyrics:

There is debate among choristers as to whether or not there should be any liaison in the fourth line between conduit and à.

My understanding is that this type of liaison (verb + preposition) falls into the optional category and would be pronounced only in very high register French, such as poetry. The *Cantique de Jean Racine *is a French version of a Latin hymn. Would this be considered sufficiently high register to require liaison between conduit and à? Would it depend on whether the work was being sung in a religious or a secular context?

My perspective, as a native, is that liaisons are not a matter of strict rules, rather you go with what sounds good. On the other hand, when reciting poetry, you should normally ligature whenever you can. It doesn’t matter whether it’s sacred or profane, it’s that it’s in verse that counts.

So, yes, it’s conduit-t-à.

Same here. I’m also French and as Jovan said, in poetry, it’s all about how that sounds.

From this site, this type of liaison seems to be optional, so yeah, just go with how that sounds.

Thanks for those responses. They’re very helpful.