French translation

How would I write this in French: “May the joy and peace of the Holiday Season be with you today and always.” For a cousin, so “tu” case.

“May ze joy and peaze of ze 'Ollie-day Seazon be with you today and alwayz.”


It’s “wiss,” not “with.”


My French is too rusty to provide a proper translation, so I will let one who parlez better français do it.

True dat.


Soient la joie et la paix de la Saison de Férie avec toi au jour d’hui et toujours.

It may be a tad inelegant…that’s just how I roll. :smiley:

I’m kinda rusty, but isn’t aujourd’hui one word?


Yes, yes it is. :smack:

Did I mention that I speak French better than I write it? :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks, .

What, no gratitude for me? I realize that I missed “wiss”, but I still deserve some appreciation.



May I suggest:

“Que la joie et la paix de la saison des fêtes soient avec toi aujourd’hui et toujours”

Trupa, native French speaker who had his French grammar drummed into his head by the dedicated Sisters of St-Marcelline, and the priests of the Order of St-Sulpice, neither of which took any prisoners in the war against poor language of any kind.

This is much nicer than mine.

Right you are, trupa!

A retired French teacher from Montreal

Thanks, trupa et al., but I was on my way out to the post office, and sent a Christmas card to my Belgian cousins with the translation by OneCentStamp. Just what does “Saison de Férie” mean? Fairy season? Season of iron?

Férie = holiday

Actually, that would be “jour ferié” = “holiday”.

Thank you! :smack: :slight_smile: