Fresh SCSI HD hanging on Fedora installation

I’ve got a newly built PC with one hard drive, a SCSI one. The setup is:

  • SCSI HD is the only SCSI device
  • SCSI HD has “terminator power supply” pins shorted (enabling terminator power to be supplied)
  • SCSI HD is ID 15, card is 7, and each takes up one end of the cable. Cable has one other connector, in between, which isn’t closed off or anything.
  • The SCSI bios detects the HD fine and I’ve used its utility to do “preformatting” on the HD. It doesn’t appear to detect any errors.

So in short I can’t figure anything wrong with my SCSI setup.

Now, putting a fresh installation of Fedora on it, it complains the partition table on device sda was unreadable and asks me if I want to initialize the drive. I select yes–but it’s hanging right there. How long am I supposed to wait? It’s going on 30 minutes. I’ve done formatting that took eternities, but the drive’s only 36.7 GB so it can’t take that long.

moderators, can you delete this thread please? There are personal reasons. I would like to post this thread in a forum where I am known by my real identity and cannot until this is deleted.