Freud and The Eye of Argon

Has anybody ever written a Freudian analysis of The Eye of Argon? It seems like something that would come naturally, especially after reading that MiST.

If not, we gotta.

What is the eye of argon?

I’d love to read this, though it will have to be accomplished by someone more experienced in psychology than myself.

I shall stand on the sidelines, cheering and laughing when appropriate. :slight_smile:

The Eye of Argon!

A Freudian analysis would be a fine project. Grignr’s heroic tale is rich enough that it would even make a fine undergrad psych course–psych students could easily spend a full semester with it.

The prime difficulty is knowing where to begin–there’s so many angles to go at. The repeated times Grignr is called “slut.” The incredible length of exposition revolving around some evil priest getting kicked in the balls. The use of a rat pelvis as a lethal weapon. Where does one even begin?

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Or, not fine, exactly, because if you fix it, you’ll be able to read the story. That may not be a good thing.

The first time I read it, I NEVER picked up that Grignr was being called a slut. There was always some damsel in distress in the scene, so I assumed they were yelling it at her.

Not that the story makes any more sense, considering this revelation. :wink:

“Slut”, though, is like the one thing in this story that isn’t incredibly overused and formulaic in the rest of the fantasy genre, so we can assume it’s whatshisface’s own psyche projecting out. That’s a good place to start.
Side Note: I don’t think “slut” points to any sort of unconscious homosexual desire. There would be a suspicious-looking “sidekick” in this story for that to work. All the men besides Grignr are physically and morally grotesque.

[Pretentious Bastard Mode]
The injury to the testicles may point to Jim Theis’ own lack of stability and bad luck with weemen. We can only assume that he is one of those guys who lives in his mama’s basement and goes to sci-fi conventions to get dates. Theis would like to see himself as the physically perfect and quick-witted (stay with me, people!) Grignr, yet in reality he probably more resembles the priests whose blackened teeth and twisted faces are enough to make beautiful women vomit. When the priest forces himself on the woman, the imagined character of Grignr fades into the background as the true self emerges. The woman is horrified, and injures the man sexually. The exceedingly long agonies described in this story are easily seen as Theis’ psychological pain at being a loser who could not get laid with someone else’s dick.
[/Pretentious Bastard Mode]

Does anybody want to analyze my “mama’s basement” reference?

Daowajan, you can’t analyse it. You can’t explain it. You can only read and wonder at its sheer awfulness.

In all sincerity, I would really like to sit down and talk to Jim Theis, ask him what he was [sub]taking[/sub]thinking when he wrote that.

Whatever he was taking, let’s hope it never reaches us.

Actually, I recall hearing that a radio show announcer (maybe JMS of Babylon 5 fame?) had managed to track him down and get an interview with him. Unfortunately, it seems to have been lost, but the general gist was that he was 16 at the time he wrote it and was rather puzzled that it’s gained so much fame.

If you want to know the truly scary thing about it…C.J.Cherryh at Further Confusion mentioned that the publisher who recieved the manuscript and released it on the unsuspecting worldcon crowd way back when once told her, he had recieved a sequel…