Friar Tuck?

Try as I may I can’t get the spelling joke.

Why did author William Faulkner change the spelling of his name? I suppose.

I imagine you’re trying too hard.

I’m assuming it’s a reference to the comical potential of Spoonerism …


It can be difficult to see these offhand references…

F(riar T)uck me! I’ve got it!

glee suggests that cecil meant that if the name were friar tuck, it would have been misspelled friar F*ck… so how much effort did he put into it? not much if that was the inteded notion because the different spelling in faulkner’s name invoved an unneccesary U not a F… so either Cecil did not do a good job making very many of us laugh, or we are still missing something… This is my first post, so congratulate or haze me. Or whatever the policy is around here … good posting to y’all…

As Rube E. Tewesday remarked in 2001 in another thread,

I agree, and suggest you buy the books. Then you’ll be able to make similar comments. And, it might just get us a new server.

I’m afraid you haven’t. A real spoonerism would be Try A F*ck.

Welcome to the boards! :smiley:

Actually I suggest that it would have been misspelled F*ck. Rather weak, but Cecil is only human (probably). :smack:

I didn’t say it was a spoonerism. (read the thread)
So it’s you who hasn’t got it! :stuck_out_tongue:

Perhaps you didn’t, but Shrinking Violet did, and as far as I’m concerned that’s the funniest way to get it wrong. :wink:

I may have misread your tone (glee blows raspberry).
You accused me of ‘not getting it’ (glee throws custard pie).
But (solemnly) you were the one who didn’t read the thread! (dump truck pours manure over Floater)