Frickin' sharks with frickin' lasers on their heads are no match for...

Frickin’ fighters with frickin’ lasers mounted on them!

Pretty incredible if they actually could work out how to put a high enough powered laser on a fighter jet. The implications of this are pretty far reaching. I mean, I don’t think most people noticed that the Navy is already testing out lasers on their warships (most everyone knows they are testing rail guns, which are much more flashy), and that the Air Force had been testing nose mounted lasers on some of their larger planes, but this could really be a game changer…assuming it works and is feasible. :eek:

It’s interesting because combat lasers may be the end of combat aircraft as we know them. A ground-base AA system may render the combat airspace uninhabitable for any aircraft that peeks over the horizon.

Until a defense against lasers is discovered.

That’s where stealth comes in. Basically, if you can’t see the plane or can’t get a firm enough lock on it you aren’t going to be able to hit it with the precision needed for a laser to damage or destroy it. Of course, unless you stealth your bombs and missiles, those might not be as effective if this technology comes into wide spread use.

But…it’s still just super cool (to me) that we are actually getting to the point where we are going to arm our fighter jets with frickin’ lasers! Though I seem to be the only one excited by this…most of the people at work (and we are talking uber geek types here) seem to be mostly meh (or, ‘what, we don’t have that already??’).

Will they go “Pew! Pew! Pew!”?

The advent of power armor is what gets me excited. Right now, there are exoskeletons in use that could conceivably be converted to carry heavy full-body ballistic protection. I bet the army is working on it right now.

… grizzly bears with nukes!

So, what happens when a fighter with a laser “bubble” shielding it approaches a ground-based AA “bubble”.

Can a stealth missile penetrate the AA “bubble”? If a bubble can protect a small airplane against antiaircraft missiles, why couldn’t a ground-based bubble (with MUCH larger power available) do the same to anything the plane could launch.

If this “bubble” becomes a reality, all airborne weapons become instantly obsolete.
Just as the cannon rendered all previous means of destroying stone castles obsolete.

I would say not obsolete, but slower. :slight_smile:

Until the fool brought a catapult (not a ‘trebuchet’, you pretentious twits) to the castle that just got a cannon.

Quite instantly obsolete.