Frickin' Stretchmarks.

Lately I’ve been working out. Things are tightening up, and I’m happy about that. But one unfortunate consequence is stretchmarks across my arm where my bicep’s gotten bigger. I also have these annoyning marks across my sides, right above my hips. And some on my back, behind my armpit. ARG! My body’s improving, yet it’s decided now to put red marks all over me. My questions are:

1 WHY, God, WHY?
2 Since most of the cells in my body are always renewing themselves, will these be going away soon? Ever?!
3 Is there any other way I could make them less noticable?

RetinA can be dangerous, but it is purported to help, and tanning does diminish their visibility somewhat as it blends out the white on pink contrast (I am assuming you are a pale face) , but then you’ll get skin cancer and stretch marks will be the least of your problems!

I have a hell of a lot of the little buggers all down my back.

  1. Why? Because the Universe hates folks like us.

  2. They won’t go away, but they do fade. Takes a while though and they don’t fade completely out of sight, you’ll still be able to see them only they wont be as apparant.

  3. Tanning I’ve heard works, I’ve tried taking zinc with no results, vitamin E seems to keep them from cropping up sometimes.
    The best plan is to make up a story about how you defended an orphanage from an army of Bengal tigers and you’ve got the scars to prove it.

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First, I can’t personally vouch for this product.

Second, I have one (1) friend who has used it for quite some time and swears by it. Which is not to be confused with a representative sample in any way.

Third, it’s very expensive. Caveat emptor and all that. :slight_smile:

I have heard that cocoa butter will help them to fade (I don’t think they ever completely disappear, though). They sell twist-up sticks of cocoa butter (like a stick of deodorant) at The Body Shop.


secondary question:
Is it true that stretch marks are pretty much the same thing as scar tissue?

Whew, it’s a relief to see that someone else has them same damned, almost-permanent bicep stretchmarks that I have… carry on…

I`ve got the “bicep” marks too. Eighteen years and counting. From when I used to hit the weights after football practice - way back in high school.

But why is it that I hardly see them on anyone else? Maybe I’ll look harder next time.

Apparently not, according to this page although there appears to be some question as to their actual cause.

The page seems to have some fairly comprehensive info. Scroll down for pics.

Thanks, that’s very informative, Triss. That gives me some hope, as it describes treatments.

Quote: Gradually, some striae may fade and become inconspicuous. The natural evolution of stretch marks is similar to that of scar formation or a healing wound.

So maybe it is like scar tissue.

Quote: Treatment with tretinoin, flashlamp pulsed dye laser, and chemical peels significantly improves the clinical appearance of early, active stretch marks.

So maybe I’d better get to treatment soon.