Frickin' Trifocals

I’m not a newbie with these things; I’ve been wearing them for 10 years now, and bifocals for five before that. I don’t get new ones very often because it’s a total pain, but I was finally forced to.

I’ve got to wear trifocals. I use the intermediate lens for all computer work, and since that’s my job, I use them a lot. I tried graduated lenses, but the distortion drove me mad.

Anyway, I went to the optician (several, actually) and, as usual, most of the frames are quite small. In any given shop there are relatively few larger frames, and they look like crap, and/or weigh a ton. What’s the deal here? We trifocal wearers need real estate, for Pete’s sake.

I finally settled on an average size frame, and got them. I pointed out that I need the middle lens for my work, and puhleeze see to it that the lines between the lenses aren’t fat.

I get them back. The middle lens is a full millimeter narrower (vertically) than my old ones, and the lines look huge. My vision looks like this:

The far away world
A nice fat line with blurring around it
A little space for my computer screen
A nice fat line with blurring around it
The close-up reading area

So now I have to go back and try again. Why, oh why, can’t these people be sensitive to the needs of trifocal wearers? I suppose maybe it’s not as big a deal as accessible bathrooms, but really, eyesight is important dammit.