Friday, A Remarkable News Day

I cannot recall a busier news day.

  1. This awfulness in Russia.
  2. Hurricane is destroying The Bahamas and closing down Florida.
  3. Bill Clinton is going under the knife.
  4. Some sort of public revelation about an earlier Michael Jackson molestation incident.
  5. The Kobe Byant case is dropped (I know, on Thursday).
  6. Republican convention.

No wonder the fire in Germany is getting no mention at all!

You mean ?

It’s a cultural thingie. Americans prefer their smut, National Enquirier and political news over the possible destruction of Martin Luther’s Bible in a fire. :rolleyes:

It will make the evening news in America if the B-roll is full of flames shooting through the roof.

Oh and…
7. A signal (perhaps from another civilization) seems to have been detected by a space telescope.

Do you have a link for #7, Paul? You’ve got me all excited and curious now!

Its on Google News, WAY down the page.

Oh. They’ve decided that the signal is nothing unusual. :frowning: