friday night and a glass of wine

good evening friends,

we haven’t discussed friday night wine for awhile, so what is everyone drinking tonight?

it is a beautiful summer evening here in flyover country. i am sitting on the patio with my trust thinpad and a glass of marques de caceres, a fine spanish red.

so, whatcha drinkin?

a couple of glasses ago, i would have spelled trusty thinkpad properly the first time…

I’ve had a few bottles of that wine…rather nice, I thought.

No wine for me tonight. Too hot. I came home and popped a Sierra Nevada. After a few of those to take the edge off, I am now cruising along under the guidance of Evan Williams Single-Barrel Bourbon.

Right now, I’ve opened (and nearly finished :eek: ) a bottle of Argentinian Malbec.

Big and gluggable is a good descripion :slight_smile:

::: Goes to kitchen to pull out wine bottle ::

I am finishing off a bottle of Clos du Bois 2003 Sonoma County Shiraz. I would describe it as “drinkable,” which I’ve always considered damning with faint praise since it is, after all, a beverage.

Tonight it’s Absolut Citron with Cranberry-raspberry juice. Refreshing after a long walk on Butterfly Beach at sunset.

“Fierce Berry” Gatorade over crushed ice. Soothing on my sore throat, too much sugar but no caffeine. I don’t usually care for the new Gatorade flavors, bit of a traditionalist myself, but this is what was in the pantry.

Telegraph Golden Wheat Ale.

Wonderlust, are you in Santa Barbara?

I had my favorite Friday night libation – three fingers of Jack followed by a couple of long-neck Coors. Razorette settled in with a brimming glass of white zin from a box. Usually, we’re just trailer trash with Internet.

Tomorrow (actually later today – I’m up late finishing some work, can’t sleep, haunting the Dope) our youngest son and his wife will be here from San Diego, and we will open the '05 Prelude we picked up at Belle Marie winery in Escondido last spring. Monday we’re grilling for our friends from Steamboat Springs, and they will no doubt provide several bottles of Yellowtail shiraz.

Let’s do this again next Friday – I’ll get here earlier, bring something classier to drink.

Wait, that last was not intended to include Bobo’s post. Sorry, dude – I’m just so tired!

I would like to join you next friday. Can you recommend a good light white wine?

We’re currently out of Jack, so it’s Captain and Pepsi One.

I am enjoying a nice blue can of Pepsi. It’s wonderful, and it was on sale. I had oral surgery a week and a half ago, and while I might be cleared to drink (I’m not even really sure) I haven’t picked any up do to being busy with other things, and we had to remove (read: "drink as quick as possible) all the alcohol a week before hand, since I would be under anesthesia and all.


I keep wondering if ANYTHING mixes with apple juice. We always have the stuff around. Vodka would probably work with the Gatorade, but I have verified that rum and apple juice do NOT work.

I just finished Cos du Bois chardonnay. A little better than drinkable, but affordable is what keeps me coming back. :wink:

Clos, damn it! Clos!

Try a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc. One of my favorite whites.

I agree, Silenus. I’ve had good luck with the ones I’ve found at Trader Joe’s.

I’m getting really into viogniers as they’re usually all perfumey and peachy and yum. I can’t drink reds anymore as they’re a migrane trigger, and viognier’s one of the nicer, more flavoursome whites I’ve found that’s not sweet as syrup or puckeringly paint-stripperish. I finished off a bottle of Yalumba Eden Valley Viognier last night and it was lovely.

I hadn’t heard of viognier until this year and everyone seems to have a different way of pronouncing it. Anyone able to give me a definitive pronunciation guide? Even googled answers disagreed and it’s getting embarrassingly difficult for me to ask for. I’m currently using a murmured veeoh-ZCHU-knee-er variant that’s not really working for me or anyone else.

Vee-own-yay. (Although the ‘own’ is kinda soft, if that maks sense, somewhere between on and own.)

We had a '50’s party to go to last night. Before we left I opened a bottle of Kenwood Zin. I think I might have reviewed it here before. At the party they had Bogle chardonnay. It was drinkable, nothing stood out about it, but I wasn’t expecting anything but a buzz from it anyway, so, it did what it was supposed to.