Friday night Traffic on 95/ 495 from Providence to Westford

How bad is it? My flight gets in to Providence airport (which I hear is pretty small and simple to navigate) at 5:00 pm. I will be renting a car, which should take about a half hour, so leaving the airport at 5:30. From there, the 95 to the 495 to Westford, avoiding Boston entirely. Mapquest says about 1:15 travel time, but that’s w/o traffic. What time can I realistically expect to make? Westford by 8:00 pm? Thank you.

If it’s not too late … yes, you should make it. Boston traffic can be heavy, but even with rush hour you’ve got more than enough time built in to make it.

And it’s the WARWICK airport! Damn furriners. :wink:

Euty, I didn’t know you were so close. I used to live in Newport, but moved to eastern Connecticut three years ago.

And for the O.P., yes, T.F. Green Airport in WARWICK, Rhode Island (just outside of Providence) is very easy to navigate. They just renovated it a few years ago.

The traffic can be bad Fridays heading north, but you should make it easily.