Friday Night Wines

A while ago, I began to collect a sampling of inexpensive to medium priced wines, roughly $7-35 range, tending toward the low end of that scale. I like to drink a nice wine, particularly when the weather cools. If I can use it to complement a meal, more’s the better. So this is an effort to start a thread where we try wines and share opinions on them. So if you’ve got a nice little bottle that you’ve tucked into, please share your impressions with the Teeming masses.

Note: I do not claim to be a wine expert, just an average Shibb who likes his wines, particularly reds. I tend toward inexpensive wines that don’t have the name and prestige but still are quite drinkable. Don’t worry if you aren’t an expert, just give an opinion. Oh, and drink responsibly.

This week’s selection:

Ciacci Piccolomini d’Aragano di Giuseppe Biachini**

This wine is from the Montalcino area of Tuscanny, and is the lesser of the two varieties of wines grown there. The Rosso di Montalcino is the little brother of the Brunello di Montalcino. The bottle I sampled was a 1998, which should run about $25/bottle. Here’s what the Wine Advocate has to say about the '98 Rosso di Montalcino:

About the wines of Montalcino

From what I can decipher from the Italian on the winery’s website, an Italian review mentions that the Rosso has a crystal ruby red color, with a scent of pears, cardamon and vanilla. I don’t quite get that detail in the scent (I may be coming down with a cold), but there are delicate spice notes in the bouquet. This wine is delicate for a red, IMO, but still has a nice fruity flavor. The tannins are light and can be felt on the forward edges of your tongue. Mrs. ShibbOleth enjoyed a glass of this with our spaghetti tonight, and she is a bit finnicky as wines go. She tends to prefer wines that are not too forceful. I suspect that the doubly expensive Brunello is a more complex version. The Brunello from this particular vineyard is described by some as “mind-blowing” with scores in the high 90s.

The simple summary: this is a nice, light red that can be easily enjoyed. While it is not cheap, it’s an inexpensive introduction to a nice area of Tuscan wines. I am now tempted to splurge at some point on the Brunello. It would make a very nice counterpart to a pasta meal with fresh tomato and basil sauce.

Well, with wine and all that coding, you had to know that I’d miss a link:

This wine is from the Montalcino area of Tuscanny, and is the lesser of the two varieties of wines grown there.

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thank you for writing this. I’ve found it to be really enjoyable to read.

(I love wine, too but I don’t feel qualified to answer knowledgably about the product.)
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