Friday the 13th birthdays

Who here was born on a Friday the 13th? Or has been born on a regular 13th and had their birthday fall on a Friday?

I was born on Friday the 13th. July 13th, to be exact.

Oh, look, it’s July and today is the 13th! What a coincidence!

Happy birthday, me :slight_smile:

[sub]Is there a smiley for patheticness?[/sub]

Happy Birthday, Gr8Kat! I was born on May 13, 1971, and my son was born on January 13, 1994. I’ve had my birthday on Friday the 13th lotsa times, so no triskadecaphobia for me!

Happy Birthday, Kat. Although I’m not born on a thirteenth, today is my roommate’s birthday too.

Happy Birthday!

happy birthday!

Enjoy the Oregon summer.


Patheticness?!? No way, that is the cleverest way I have seen anyone give themself a birthday thread! :slight_smile:

My daddy. :slight_smile: He was born June 13th. And did you know that in 1980, The Shining and Friday the 13th both came out, in June? His birthday. At least…I think that’s true.

Happy Birthday!–Well, I’m an hour late here but it’s the thought that counts right?

Anyways, I turned 1 on friday the 13th.

Gr8Kat, I love you more than ever! Not only did you mention me in the adoration thread, we share a birthday!
I just turned 42.

BTW, my best birthday ever was when I turned 25 on a Friday the 13th, full moon. Yowza, what a night!

I was born on Friday the 13th too (August). Whenever I mention this to people they always respond “figures”…What’s that supposed to mean anyway?

also, I think the second friday 13th bday I had, i was 7 or so and because of the day my mom decided to make it a halloweenish type party… I didn’t mind as it was another excuse to put on my favorite vampire costume.

I FLEW on Friday the 13th, beat that :wink:

Though I’m not a mom and don’t plan to be (until that comprehensive sex-change operation goes ahead as planned), I don’t think flying on a plane on that day would even compare to trying to give birth to a baby.

THankfully my mother wasn’t superstitious and said “begone” to me and my bad unborn self.

My brother was born on Friday, July 13, 1951. Happy 50th, Jonathan!

I had my 13th birthday on Friday the 13th. We had a dinner party with 13 guests (all 12-14 yr old girls). My mom, sister, and sister’s boyfriend served as cook/servers. We had to order everything from the menu including the napkins and silverware, but everything had different (and somewhat gross) name. So you might order a plate of spaghetti and then only have a spoon with which to eat it. It was so much fun! Then a huge storm came along and knocked out the electricity. Couldn’t have been better timing.

I was born on OCt 13th 66, I found out a few years ago that the Navy was formed on Oct 13, 17something or other.

Nope. “The Shining” came out on May 26, 1980.

I was born on Friday the 13th, too.

March 13, 1959 to be exact. FWIW, according to Kenner (or whatever his toy company is) Ken – you know, Barbie’s boyfriend – was born on March 13 too, but a year or too later. Sure beats the actor who played Rerun, that chubby guy on “What’s Happening?” who was also born on the date.

My little brother (who is now 6’5", while I topped out at a measly 6’1") was born on Friday, March 13th, 1970. I always considered it my bad luck.