Fried chicken: Got any great seasoning recipes?

I’ve lately been on something of a fried chicken jag, which is both good news and bad. Problem is, the only seasoning I use is salt and pepper. That’s it. I drop the chicken in some egg, dredge it in flour, and then salt and pepper. Feh.

I will admit to making some of Emeril’s “Cajun seasoning” recently, based on a recipe I found on his website. It wasn’t bad, but what I really want is a kickass seasoning that will send chills down the spines of my guests.

Can some Southern-fried Doper provide me a recipe that will make the Colonel lick his lips in the casket???

Rosemary and sage might be nice. Or you could try breading the chicken for a change of pace. (Flour, then egg, then breadcrumbs.) Sometimes I mix a little lemon zest with the breadcrumbs; pretty tasty.

You could probably use 11 herbs and spices. You could probably even sell that…
Seriously, my mom just dusted the chicken in flour and then LOTS of pepper. Fried it in Crisco, IIRC. Very tasty!

Sea salt.

Everything in if6was9’s post, but use sea salt instead of regular salt. Mrs. Walton just made this yesterday and I’m still in fried chicken nirvana.

I add garlic (to everything), a little (not too much) crushed red pepper, and sometimes fry it in olive oil for a tangier taste. For really crispy chicken dip it in milk before the flower, or use pancake batter.

I shake on a mixture of kosher salt, either cyanne pepper or paprika (only if it’s fresh paprika – the stuff loses it’s ‘zing’ pretty quick) and black pepper pulverized super fine in a pestal and mixed with a tiny, tiny dash of cumin. Shake on the chicken parts and let that sit for just a moment, then dredge in all-purpose flour. Nummy!

Piss several times in a large pot, marinate the yard bird, fry and serve.