Fried chicken

I like to make fried chicken at home, and am always seeking to improve my technique. In my original recipe, I liked to let the chicken sit in buttermilk for an hour, then roll it in seasoned flour before frying. Then, a couple of years ago I discovered that a thin seasoned batter of cornstarch and flour made a lovely light crisp coating.

Now I’m onto something different. I’ve been binge-watching the youtube channel of Cooking With Dog, and I see that the cook likes to coat her fried foods in potato starch. I bought some potato starch and used it in my original recipe of doing the buttermilk soak first, then rolling it in seasoned potato starch.

Damn, that makes the best fried chicken I ever had. The coating is crunchy but not thick and heavy. It has a nicer flavor than other coatings. It stands to reason: French fries are crunchy and flavorful, and so is a fried coating of potato starch.

Does anyone have any fried chicken tips to share?