"Fried" CPU dangers?

My friend fried his motherboard by touching 2 power connectors together that weren’t supposed to be touched, but he’s not sure if he also killed the CPU. He wants to test the CPU in my motherboard to see if it still works.

If the power surge, or whatever, DID fry the cpu, is there any danger to my motherboard if I try it in there? Or will it simply not work, doing no harm to the board?

Answer soon, please.

The worst thing that would happen is that your computer won’t boot or will issue some forlorn beeps.

Aside from high cholesterol and potential heart disease, fried CPU can clog you up like a public toilet. Try them baked or grilled with a little seasoning salt. Mmmmmm.

Sorry, but someone had to do that first.

No problem trying it in your system. It’ll either work or it won’t, but nothing will explode in your machine.

If you set your CPU’s speed manually in the BIOS (read: you’re an overclocker :wink: ), you’ll need to set your BIOS settings back to read the CPU speed automatically, or else it won’t work even if the CPU still is good.

Note: If you have no idea what I’m talking about, it probably doesn’t apply to you.